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Imagine up to $35,000.00* Per Annum profit for one day per week.


(with potential to expand up to $70,000.00** P.A. after qualifying period).

Run from home. Part-time

**Or local currency equivalent

The Seasons Art Class runs adult art classes throughout the UK and Europe.

Now coming to Canada

(the Seasons Art Class is one of the fastest growing franchises in Europe, with over 125 branches, and expanding rapidly)

Our Low Overheads Business Template Means High Profit for you... 

Franchise Opportunities

The Seasons Art Class is a dream to operate using our comprehensive curriculums, marketing material and guidelines.

Year 1

Up to $35,000.00

Net profit P.A.
for 1 day per week. 

Year 2

Up to $70,000.00

P.A. for 2 days per week
(for two areas).

  • Rewarding lifestyle business

  • Evolved from local gallery near London

  • Now teaching thousands of adult students (ages spanning from 20-90) every year

  • HUGE demand - our classes are always booked up to 6 months in advance

  • Systemised business and marketing system

  • We get a huge enquiry level from all over the country

  • Now expanding internationally through specially selected area licenses

National Brand Development

The other fantastic, enjoyable thing about this business is that you are dealing with adult students who are extremely nice, enthusiastic and friendly and motivated to be at the classes.

We have 100% customer satisfaction.

“It’s like going out to meet your friends one day every week".

Only one day per week at the venue, other days you can work from home (hours to suit you and your family)

Run your very own Seasons Art Class in your own area (only four 14 week courses per year)

We have a comprehensive database of venues and tutors throughout the country

Our System

Our System

The curriculum is the core of what makes Seasons so easy to run.

The detailed information has been curated by our select team of European, Expert, Art Tutors.

Always kept fresh, this system ensures your students get the best tuition possible while you can easily monitor their progress and satisfaction

Why So Popular?

Why Owning a Seasons Art Class Franchise is so Popular

  • Very fast return on initial low investment

  • Lucrative, enjoyable, rewarding, prestige business

  • Low overheads template means high profits

  • Minimal hours – maximum return

  • Cash flow positive from Day 1

  • Huge demand for art classes in our market

  • Virtual monopoly business

  • Figures based on minimal customer base

  • Only 40 customers every 3 months will generate this profit

  • Opportunity to reinvest in 2nd licenses after qualifying period and double income

  • The Seasons Art Class can easily be operated in conjunction with other business, work or family 

Applicants must be well organised with good communication skills and friendly disposition.

Our streamlined marketing program means you hit the ground running.


Rapid return on investment. Up to 100% of your investment back in the first 9 months.

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Contact Us

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