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Let’s imagine your perfect part-time business!

Think about starting small, one day per week, and then grow at your own pace. All managed from home. 

It's easy, fun and very rewarding. 

You'll never need to work for anyone else, ever!


You Want:

  • A proven business - This business system has been growing since 2009. Proven successfully in UK, Europe, North America and Australasia.

  • Low risk - This business has been designed with low risk as a key priority - it is even pandemic proof (tested recently of course).

  • Easy entry - One of the lowest entry points in franchising with the fastest return on investment (12 months on average).

  • Simple to run - It couldn’t be easier, we’ve set up all the systems for you.

  • Smart marketing - Automated process, we have evolved one of the smartest marketing systems available.


We do:

  • Everything for you - Training, Materials, Manuals, Advertising/Marketing.

  • Ongoing support - We’re always there when you need us.

  • Materials updates - We are always keeping our product fresh.


You are:

  • Creative at Heart - But don’t need to be artistic (we train you).

  • A people person - You’ll make close relationships with your clients.

  • Empathetic - You want to make a difference to peoples lives.

  • Organised - It makes things run so much smoother, especially with our proven systems.

  • Ambitious - Able to start part-time but capable of expanding.

  • Successful - You have a mindset of being able to achieve your goals (we give you the tools and systems to do that).

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